Bloomington Elections Season is NOW!

Bloomington election season are upon us. Early voting is now live. Election Day is just around the corner.

We’re doing our best to not tell you how to vote, but we are going to share the statements of the two “At Large” candidates made at our request just prior to the primaries.

Mike Arufalo:

“As a candidate for Bloomington City Council (At Large), I am opposed to paving of the trail along the Minnesota River bottom. My platform for City Council includes a strong statement about preserving “natural landscapes” in Bloomington and Smart Money Management. The more I learn about this project, the more I understand that it’s not a good investment of our hard earned tax dollars because it will be expensive to build and maintaining a paved trail in a flood-prone area and the DNR already has a large backlog of trail maintenance projects. I would not like to see the City of Bloomington stuck with the cost of maintaining this trail if it’s paved. Additionally, I agree with the 4,000+ community members who signed an online petition against paving the 12-mile trail. I believe that we have a lot of paved trails. We should keep this one natural.”

Nathan Coulter:

Declined to make a public comment.


Vote for commitment or vote for the establishment candidate. Vote for change in business as usual in Bloomington politics or vote for likely more of the same. It’s completely up to you.

Whatever you do, vote.