Cities Pages Story on #savetheriverbottoms. Please Read.

Please read this story from the City Pages published today.

This quote finishes off the story:

“As for those who don’t want the trail paved, Skaar characterizes the opposition “as a relatively small group that’s voicing an exclusive opinion.””

This is Kent Skarr from the DNR. The same Kent Skarr that has said over and over that this proposed paving project was “fully funded”….when it clearly is not.

We don’t know about you, but we’re not a fan of our public servants attempting to diminish the voice of the citizenry in this manner.

The saddest part with this politically oriented comment is that far, far fewer people actually want the trail paved than oppose it. Those people just happen to be people who know how to work the system in their favor at the detriment of the tax payers and the citizens of Minnesota in general.

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