Contact those who represent. You!

Earlier this week we asked for help from you to contact your State Representative and Senators to ask them to support removing the “Must Be Paved” language from the legislation related to the proposed paving of the trail.

Thank you to those that have already contacted your lawmakers. 

For those that have yet to contact their lawmakers, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to continue to fight to keep this trail natural. 

Your lawmaker needs to hear from you!!! 

This effort is by and for ALL citizens of Minnesota. If we can contact as many lawmakers as possible we have a chance to get the “Must Be Paved” language removed. By removing the language it gives the DNR the flexibility they should have to determine what is really the best trail in this major flood plain. It also will help the DNR with their already over stretched budget. This is a good thing!!! 

Please call or contact your lawmaker immediately and ask them politely and respectfully to support amending the Capital Investment bills (HF4404/SF*) to remove the “must be paved” language in Minn. Statutes 85.015.

We also ask that you request that they do not approve any funding for the Minnesota Valley State Trail in Bloomington (River Bottoms Trail) until a full plan with construction AND maintenance costs is made public and reviewed by lawmakers.

Click this link to find who represents you: represents me?

Thank you!