Contact Your State Legislator!!!

The 2018 Legislative Session kicked off on Tuesday of this week. (Yesterday)

Your representatives are anxious to hear from their constituents….at least they should be.

While they are fresh from their break we need your help. Please reach out to your representatives. (See link below). The best way is by phone, but you can also email, tweet or contact them via Facebook or other social media they may be active on.

Your message needs to be short and to the point. Something like this:

“Do NOT approve funding towards the MN River Valley State Trail in Bloomington.”

That’s all really. You can obviously mix up the wording to make it your own, but this is the core message.

So, do what you can. Get your vote’s worth from those who represent you. Reach out to them today but also send them regular reminders. We need them to keep this effort actively on their minds.

Thank you!