DNR Asset Preservation Deficit

This is a short piece from the DNR itself on how they are far short of need when it comes to money to fix and preserve what they are already responsible for.  Governor Dayton is asking for $113,000,000.00 just to fix the stuff that has failed or is nearing failure.  This isn’t even the entire assets preservation need….it’s just the desperate stuff.

They don’t have the funds to fix what they are already responsible for so it makes zero sense to be coming to the well for what will easily be $15,000,000.00 to build a paved Minnesota River Valley State Trail between the Ferry Bridge and the old Cedar Avenue Bridge.

Zero sense.

Take a read then reach out to those that represent you in state government or on the Bloomington City Council if you are a Bloomington resident and tell them that this is silly and that they should do everything within their power to see that it doesn’t get funded and doesn’t get built.