Excitement at the Capital

We understand there was some excitement at the Capital last night at the tail end of the special session. Language had been added to the Bonding Bill that would have struck the “must be paved” language that a certain former representative turned paid, paved trail lobbyist had slipped in the bill in the Special Session back in 2015 before she departed for the greener pastures of paid lobbying. At one point that language in HF 5 was holding up the entire bonding bill with all sorts of accusations going around on Twitter till all hours of the morning. The language to remove the “paved” requirement ended up getting amended back out, but as far as we can tell so far, no additional funds were approved to cover the millions that will be needed to pave the trail….which is currently … underwater.

This is what we know for now. When we have better information you will be the first to know.

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