Keep it Natural for Future Generations

A certain proponent of paving the Minnesota Valley State Trail (River Bottoms Trail) through Bloomington once described those involved in this effort as “hobbyists just trying to protect their hobby”.

Call mountain biking, trail running, hiking, birding and nature loving what you like, but they all get many people off the sofa and out enjoying the natural space that is the Minnesota River Valley in Bloomington.

In recent years High School mountain bike racing has exploded in popularity. It’s getting hundreds if not thousands of youth in the metro outside, being active and engaged in a very inclusive sport.

The photo associated with the article is from the Bloomington Ferry parking lot. The students are likely training on the trail because it is one of the few places in the south metro they can do so. There are already multitudes of paved trail opportunities, but natural trail riding opportunities are few and far between.

Primaries are coming up in Bloomington. Please contact your favorite candidate and make sure they are for keeping the Minnesota Valley State Trail (River Bottoms Trail) natural.