Minnesota Caucuses

Here is a FANTASTIC way that you can potentially impact the effort to #savetheriverbottoms.

Caucuses are this Tuesday evening, February 6.

Find the location of your precinct caucus. At precinct caucuses, people can introduce “resolutions” on issues. These can be simple, and if the caucus votes for them, they get advanced to further political conventions or consideration into a party “platform”.

We would encourage you introduce a resolution at your caucus that might read as follows:

ISSUE: There have been proposals to spend millions to pave a 13 mile trail along the Minnesota River Bottoms in Bloomington. This is a bad idea fiscally and environmentally and there has been very little public process.

RESOLUTION: The government should not spend money or move forward with paving in the Minnesota River Bottoms. Trails there should remain natural.

1) Click on the link.
2) Find your Caucus site.
3) Attend your Caucus.
4) Get engage.
5) Present your resolution.
6) #Savetheriverbottoms

PS….It would be potentially extra impactful for Bloomington residents to participate in this caucus effort.

Find Your Caucus Site