The Muddy Minnesota River

This is a quote from the Star Tribune story in the link below.

“The larger volumes of water in the river scour increasing amounts of sand from the banks and bottom. The banks of the muddy Minnesota are vulnerable to erosion, with all that silty water scouring the sides and bottom of the river.”

A paved MN Valley State Trail (River Bottoms Trail) would inevitably end up very close to the river bank in many places due to space limitations. Taking out many trees to make room for that paved trail would certainly increase the likelihood of erosion every more than the river is doing on it’s own.

In the end, we all know that paving the trail between the Bloomington Ferry Bridge and the New Old Cedar Avenue bridge is an environmentally unfriendly boondoggle. It’s up to all of us to ensure that those that represent us understand that as well.

When you get a few minutes, please take the time to call your elected officials in the Bloomington City council and the State Legislature and remind them that you….their constituent….are opposed to any plan to pave the MN Valley State Trail.

Who represents you in State Government:

Bloomington City Council:

Thank you!