Since the beginning of this public effort, in both private meetings and in public forums held in Bloomington, people from the DNR and a former State Legislator….turned paid paved trail lobbyist….when asked, have stated that the proposed paved trail is “fully funded”.

I’m not a politician, but I always took “fully funded” as they have ALL the money needed to design and build a paved trail….you know…because that’s what “fully funded” means to the average citizen off the street like myself. Apparently that’s not what it means to folks from the DNR…or former State Legislators turned paid paved trail lobbyists

We just got word today that Brandon Helm with the DNR has put in a request to the Met Council for $1,700,000 from excess transportation funding specifically for the MN River Trail project. Apparently the MET Council will be discussing this Wednesday.

Question: Why does the DNR need $1,700,000 for a trail that is “fully funded”?

Answer: It’s not fully funded…i.e….people told untruths.

Question: The trail has been proposed as a recreational trail. Why are they asking for Transportation money for a recreational trail?

Answer: Because there is excess transportation funding available.

This is how the proponents will attempt to get this “fully funded” paved trail to actually be fully funded (note no air quotes). They will find a million here and a million there and try do to this completely back door. In other words…politics as usual.

We are working out details on what help we need from you. It is likely there will be people we need you to reach out to. Please have your keyboard warmed up and your phone ready to make some calls.

Thank you for being part of this effort!

Stay tuned!

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